Saturday, May 1, 2010

Say Good Bye To Ordinary French Fries, Say Hi To Twist Potato

Twist Potato Cutter Machine

Twist potato cutter machine is not simply a potato processor. This machine gives the potato the shape of a tornado. It makes a plain potato change into a beautiful, innovative Look! and Taste! Single potato stretched and twisted to 30cm.

Slicing Disc Blade
The precise angle and spacing between the slicing disc blade eliminates the need for excessive pressure that can damage a potato during the cutting process. Less pressure applied translates to better cuts, as the presentation is as important as the taste.

Distinctively Better

Distinguish yourself from the crowd with the incomparable quality and attractive cuts possible only with the Twist Potato Spiral Cutter! imagine the attractive presentation--Visualize it's display-- then captivate your customers' sense of taste and sight. Capture their loyalty.

Swiss Precision--Longer Shelf Life create beautiful, precise spiral cuts every time with our meticulously Swiss---Engineered slicing disc blade, that are ground, hardened and hand polished to razor sharpness using only the finest quality stainless steel material.

With better cuts and longer shelf life, the simple yet focused design proved to eliminate mistakes during busy operation hours. Not a minute wasted. Not a single potato wasted. Clean up is also a snap. efficient use of time, labor, and potatoes all translate to savings directly to your bottom line.

Twist Potato/Tornado Potato

What Is a Twist Potato or Tornado Potato? These are not special potato. They are just normal potato that everyone can get from the market. All we need is a spiral cutter. Next is just to fry it and sprinkle your favorite seasoning on it.

Topping the flavor such as:
barbecue powder, chili powder, onion and cheese, lemon & pepper, tomato, chili garlic, black pepper coarse, garlic salt, tandoori, ginger powder, celery salt, and more....