Friday, October 15, 2010

Small Twist Potato Machine - ABS Plastic


- 1 unit of Twist Potato Machine (ABS)
- 5kg of Magic Flour
- 2 Types of Seasonings
- 1 bag of 30cm long, 4mm diameter Skewer
- 1 bag of 35cm long, 4mm diameter Skewer
- 1 bag of 40cm long, 4mm diameter Skewer
- 1 extra spare blade
- 1 year warranty
- Free Training Course
- Free delivery to peninsular Malaysia (for machine only)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Magic Flour - What It Is and How To Use It

You keep hearing us talk about this Magic Flour... what is this Magic Flour and why do we keep promoting it?

Magic Flour is a special flour which is used to coat the potato spiral before frying. It contains a secret recipe which enhances the taste of the fried potato. The Magic Flour is available for purchase by our members and agents at a special price.

Here are two step-by-step videos to show you how to prepare the Magic Flour for coating the potato spiral:

And voilĂ ! Special batter all ready for dipping.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Big Cutters vs Small Cutters - Which To Choose?

The Twist Potato machines come in a few shapes and sizes, and in the case of the smaller cutters, many different colours. You are free to choose which you like, of course... but many customers have asked us the difference between the large and small Twist Potato machines.

Well, the most obvious difference is, of course, the size. And weight.

Here are the dimensions for you to make a comparison:

Large Stainless Steel Cutter (Large)

Weight: 6kg

Width: 52cm
Length: 27cm
Height: 46cm & 55cm
Weight: 7.2kg

Plastic Cutter
Width: 27cm
Length: 15cm
Height: 22cm
Weight: 2.4g

Width: 37cm
Length: 35cm
Height: 26cm
Weight: 2.9kg

Small Stainless Steel

Width: 27cm


As for the operating functions, how do they differ? Well, the truth is, they don't! A bigger machine doesn't mean that it will cut a bigger potato or that it can cut the potato any faster. All the machines have the same cutting mechanism; each type will cut a potato in less than seven (7) seconds!

So why should you consider getting a large one if a small one works just as well? It all depends on the presentation! If you are running a Twist Potato stall, whether in a shopping centre, a kiosk, an island, or even at food court, you will need a large stainless steel machine. This is because a large Twist Potato machine will attract customers! The large machine will also convince your customers that you have invested wisely in a good quality machine and are here to stay; and that your products will also be of high quality. Place it on your working table, and people will flock over out of curiosity just to see what you are doing... and they'll stay on to buy your twist potatoes just to try it! And if they like it, they'll keep coming back!

However, if you are planning to have twist potatoes at home or are just running a home-based business, you can opt for the smaller machines. And you can go crazy with the wide choices of funky colours!


From now until 31st October 2010, purchase a Twist Potato machine* and 1 carton of magic flour, and get 10 bags of magic flour FREE!

* Only for first purchase of Twist Potato machine. Terms and conditions apply.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Twist Potato Business vs Other Franchises

Why should you run a Twist Potato business? What makes us different from other franchises?
  1. We do NOT charge exorbitant fees.
    Unlike other franchise companies, we don't charge royalty fees, advertisement fees, and educational fees.

    This means that there is more profit for you, especially if you are an individual owner. You can generate up to 250% in profit!

    In fact, we don't even have a minimum requirement on how you should set the business up. You can set up your stall using minimal space - as small as 100 sq. ft, or even just two tables at a night market (pasar malam) if you don't have the capital for it yet. This saves on rent, labour, and utilities which will definitely cut down on your expenditure, but maximises your profitability. And since the products don't cost very much, your customers will be paying in cash instead of credit cards, which eliminates the credit card fees. That means even more profit for you!

  2. We do NOT restrict the items you can sell.
    Other franchise companies do not allow you to sell other items with their franchised items. You can only sell items from that company. With the Twist Potato business however, we do not restrict the items you can sell. You can combine the Twist Potato with other items - like hot dogs, fried bananas (goreng pisang), prawn crackers (keropok), drinks, or even your own specialty items!

  3. We allow you to come up with different strategies to promote your business.
    Different people have different ideas and different tastes. We are aware of this, and therefore we allow our agents to use different marketing strategies to appeal to their customers.

    We have a long list of different sauces to offer our clients... but you are free to experiment and come up with your own sauces. In fact, we encourage our agents to create their own sauces and to share their recipes with one another!

All we ask from our agents is good business practice, and that they maintain a clean and sanitized environment. We don't exercise inspections, but we highly advise our agents that any bad practice or unclean environment will affect their own businesses and is a severe disadvantage to them. All supplies and ingredients should be kept in appropriate places, and reusing frying oil for more than 2 days is prohibited. Besides being unhygienic, it also leads to a change in the appearance and taste of the Twist Potatoes.

So, if you are looking to start your own business, why not start a Twist Potato business? It's hassle-free with high profitability! For more information, please call Sam 019-668 1686 or Flora 019-663 1686.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our Twist Potato machines vs China potato machines

We have received several enquiries about our Twist Potato machines - where they come from, and why they cost so much? Our machines are made in Korea under strict quality control. There are many imitations out there which are made in China that cost a fraction of the price.

So why should you buy our machines instead of the cheaper alternatives? We are not saying that you shouldn't, especially if you are on a tight budget. But before you decide which machine to buy, read the following comparisons to help you make up your mind.
  1. China-made machines have exposed cutters, whereas our Korea-made Twist Potato machines have the cutters hidden
    The China-made machines have their cutters exposed. Why is this a bad thing? Well, for one, it is dangerous as someone can exactly get cut. Secondly, your potato is exposed to dust and the outside elements. Thirdly, the technology of your machine can be easily imitated by other competitors who may want to rival your business.

    So what about our Korea-made Twist Potato machines? Our machines have the cutters neatly hidden inside. There is no way you can get yourself cut on the cutters. Your potatoes are not exposed to any dust until you take them to be skewered. And our machines are patented, so no one can copy the technology of the machine. Hence, it is not easy to be copied and imitated by other competitors.

  2. China-made machines give you broken spirals; our Korea-made Twist Potato machines give you perfect spirals
    China-made machines have a tendency to break their spirals. When you turn the handles, the potato spirals keep breaking. That means you won't be able to get one long, perfect spiral to be skewered. You will end up getting long pieces of potato strands that you can't put on a skewer.

    Our Korea-made Twist Potato machines will give you perfect spirals every time. You never have to worry about wasting potatoes because as long as you use potatoes of the about right size. And with perfect spirals, it's so easy to twist them into shape on a skewer!

  3. China-made machines give you thin potato slices; our Korea-made Twist Potato machines give you potato spirals of the perfect thickness
    The potato machines from China cut potatoes into slices less than 2 mm thick... and that's too thin to be deep fried. They burn easily or turn black because they are just too thin! And even if they can be fried, they'll taste just like potato chips. And there are plenty of potato chips available everywhere - especially in convenience stores in airtight packs. So why should your customers buy them from you?

    Our Korea-made Twist Potato machines on the other hand cuts the potatoes into 2.5 mm thickness; and this is the perfect size for deep frying. They don't burn easily nor turn black. Plus, because the thickness is just right, your customers can savour the taste of real potatoes. Perfect!

  4. China-made machines have no warranty, whereas we give you 1 year's warranty on our Korea-made Twist Potato machines
    Plus, our machines have been sold internationally for more than 2 years, but the China-made machines are not even known in many countries.

    Our machines are heavy duty and won't break down easily. But there are no guarantees that the China-made machines can last as long as ours.

    Think about it carefully... are you given the guarantee that the China-made machines won't break down? If you have to keep repairing your machine or have to keep buying a new one every few months, is it cost-effective and really worth the inconvenience?

  5. Our Twist Potato machines have proven to be cost effective over the China-made machines
    So, based on the above, you can see why our machines are so much more cost-effective than the China-made machines. We give you value for money with the heavy duty, long-lasting machines with a 1-year warranty.

    And our machines will give you ZERO WASTAGE when cutting the potatoes, because you get perfect spirals that won't break easily! Unlike the China-made machines which will waste a lot of potatoes because the spirals keep breaking when cutting.

  6. We give you support every step of the way.
    When you buy the Twist Potato machines from us, we're here for you as your business partners. We will provide you advice and a business model which you can use to start up your business, and we have many secret recipes that we can share with you to make your customers keep coming back to you for more!

    Can the potato machines from China give you the same support?

So, think about it really carefully before you decide on the machine that you want to buy. All we can say is, please don't be "penny wise, pound foolish"... Invest in the right machine for your business, and place your trust in the right company. We're here for you!

For more information, please call Sam 019-668 1686 or Flora 019-663 1686.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Seven More Reasons Why You Should Get A Twist Potato Machine

Because they come in seven trendy colours!

What are you waiting for? Get your trendy Twist Potato machine today! Call Sam 019-668 1686 or Flora 019-663 1686 to get yours!

Friday, September 17, 2010


From now until September 30th, purchase 1 carton (25 kg) of Magic Flour, and you'll get FREE 1 carton (25 kg) of Magic Flour! Entitled for first purchaser only.

For more details, please call Sam 019-668 1686 or Flora 019-663 1686

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Starting Your Own Twist Potato Business

OK, so you'd like to start your own Twist Potato business, but you're not sure how to go about it. You've come to the right place! Read on to find out more.

What You Need

Here are what you need to start your own Twist Potato business:
  • Twist Potato machine - to automatically cut the potatoes into spirals
  • Potatoes - buy them in bulk from your local grocer or hypermarket
  • Skewers - the sticks to hold the potato spirals
  • Magic Flour - to coat the potato spirals so that they stay crispy longer
  • Seasoning powder - to give the potato spirals that extra flavour
  • Deep fryer - to deep fry the potato spirals
And that's it! Yes, it's that simple!

Why A Twist Potato Business?
  • Low Startup Capital
    Most traditional businesses require a huge capital, especially for food businesses - it can go up to RM200,000. But a Twist Potato business requires only between RM1,000-RM4,000 to startup, depending on your budget and requirements. And you can trade anywhere you want!
  • Low Overhead Cost
    All you need to buy is the perishables whenever you need to - that's the potatoes, skewers, and seasoning powder.
  • Immediate Return of Investment
    Your profit margin can be up to 354%. You can even get your Return of Investment (ROI) within 7 days! (Figures are based on research on our members)
  • Exciting New Product
    Twist Potatoes are out to be the newest rage. Cash in on it and establish a name for yourself before someone else does!
  • Easy To Make, Easy To Cook, Easy To Sell
    Have you seen the video on how to use the Twist Potato machine? You can make HUNDREDS of Twist Potatoes with hardly any effort. The potato spirals look so attractive and delicious, they'll sell themselves!
  • Be Your Own Boss
    You dictate the time to work your business. The more effort you put in, the more returns you will get! Do your own advertising and promotion to promote YOUR business, and see your profits roll in.
  • Your Money Is Your Own
    You don't have to pay us any franchising fee, commission, or percentage of the profits. Your profits are yours 100%!
  • Training and Support
    We'll give you training and support... at no cost!

What We Offer

Join us as a member to get attractive discounts off our products! We offer a HUGE variety of products to help you get started - and to continue - your Twist Potato business.

For more information, please call Sam 019-668 1686 or Flora 019-663 1686.

What are you waiting for? Get your Twist Potato package today!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Making A Potato Spiral Is Easy As ABC!

Here is the video we promised! Watch to see how EASY it is to make a potato spiral using our Twist Potato machine...

And you didn't believe us when we said it was easy. Making a beautiful and delicious-looking spiral has never been this simple! And it took little more than one minute!

Looking to start a small home business? Why not consider getting a Twist Potato machine? The hard work is all done by the machine - all you need to do is deep fry and add flavouring!

In our next post, we will be showing you how simple it is to start your own Twist Potato business. It's low cost with high Return Of Investment!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Why You Should Get A Twist Potato Machine

Food art is one of the latest fads, but let's admit it - not everyone has the patience and skill to come up a delectable gourmet that looks too good to be eaten.

This is where our twist potato machine comes in... easy to operate so that anyone can make beautiful potato spirals!

We have been eating potatoes as snacks for a long time. Think of potato chips, french fries, potato wedges, all loved by children and adults alike.

Our twist potato machine offers an alternative way to make a potato snack that is both delicious in taste and delightful to look at. It's a lot easier than it looks to make the potato spiral. As shown in our previous blog post, the machine does ALL the work for you. All you need to do is pop in the potato, turn the handle, and voilĂ ! A perfectly cut potato. All you need to do is put it on the skewer, flavour it to your choice, and deep fry for a few minutes.

We will be posting a video and/or photo tutorial on how to use the machine soon, so stay tuned.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Say Good Bye To Ordinary French Fries, Say Hi To Twist Potato

Twist Potato Cutter Machine

Twist potato cutter machine is not simply a potato processor. This machine gives the potato the shape of a tornado. It makes a plain potato change into a beautiful, innovative Look! and Taste! Single potato stretched and twisted to 30cm.

Slicing Disc Blade
The precise angle and spacing between the slicing disc blade eliminates the need for excessive pressure that can damage a potato during the cutting process. Less pressure applied translates to better cuts, as the presentation is as important as the taste.

Distinctively Better

Distinguish yourself from the crowd with the incomparable quality and attractive cuts possible only with the Twist Potato Spiral Cutter! imagine the attractive presentation--Visualize it's display-- then captivate your customers' sense of taste and sight. Capture their loyalty.

Swiss Precision--Longer Shelf Life create beautiful, precise spiral cuts every time with our meticulously Swiss---Engineered slicing disc blade, that are ground, hardened and hand polished to razor sharpness using only the finest quality stainless steel material.

With better cuts and longer shelf life, the simple yet focused design proved to eliminate mistakes during busy operation hours. Not a minute wasted. Not a single potato wasted. Clean up is also a snap. efficient use of time, labor, and potatoes all translate to savings directly to your bottom line.

Twist Potato/Tornado Potato

What Is a Twist Potato or Tornado Potato? These are not special potato. They are just normal potato that everyone can get from the market. All we need is a spiral cutter. Next is just to fry it and sprinkle your favorite seasoning on it.

Topping the flavor such as:
barbecue powder, chili powder, onion and cheese, lemon & pepper, tomato, chili garlic, black pepper coarse, garlic salt, tandoori, ginger powder, celery salt, and more....