Thursday, September 16, 2010

Starting Your Own Twist Potato Business

OK, so you'd like to start your own Twist Potato business, but you're not sure how to go about it. You've come to the right place! Read on to find out more.

What You Need

Here are what you need to start your own Twist Potato business:
  • Twist Potato machine - to automatically cut the potatoes into spirals
  • Potatoes - buy them in bulk from your local grocer or hypermarket
  • Skewers - the sticks to hold the potato spirals
  • Magic Flour - to coat the potato spirals so that they stay crispy longer
  • Seasoning powder - to give the potato spirals that extra flavour
  • Deep fryer - to deep fry the potato spirals
And that's it! Yes, it's that simple!

Why A Twist Potato Business?
  • Low Startup Capital
    Most traditional businesses require a huge capital, especially for food businesses - it can go up to RM200,000. But a Twist Potato business requires only between RM1,000-RM4,000 to startup, depending on your budget and requirements. And you can trade anywhere you want!
  • Low Overhead Cost
    All you need to buy is the perishables whenever you need to - that's the potatoes, skewers, and seasoning powder.
  • Immediate Return of Investment
    Your profit margin can be up to 354%. You can even get your Return of Investment (ROI) within 7 days! (Figures are based on research on our members)
  • Exciting New Product
    Twist Potatoes are out to be the newest rage. Cash in on it and establish a name for yourself before someone else does!
  • Easy To Make, Easy To Cook, Easy To Sell
    Have you seen the video on how to use the Twist Potato machine? You can make HUNDREDS of Twist Potatoes with hardly any effort. The potato spirals look so attractive and delicious, they'll sell themselves!
  • Be Your Own Boss
    You dictate the time to work your business. The more effort you put in, the more returns you will get! Do your own advertising and promotion to promote YOUR business, and see your profits roll in.
  • Your Money Is Your Own
    You don't have to pay us any franchising fee, commission, or percentage of the profits. Your profits are yours 100%!
  • Training and Support
    We'll give you training and support... at no cost!

What We Offer

Join us as a member to get attractive discounts off our products! We offer a HUGE variety of products to help you get started - and to continue - your Twist Potato business.

For more information, please call Sam 019-668 1686 or Flora 019-663 1686.

What are you waiting for? Get your Twist Potato package today!

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