Sunday, September 26, 2010

Twist Potato Business vs Other Franchises

Why should you run a Twist Potato business? What makes us different from other franchises?
  1. We do NOT charge exorbitant fees.
    Unlike other franchise companies, we don't charge royalty fees, advertisement fees, and educational fees.

    This means that there is more profit for you, especially if you are an individual owner. You can generate up to 250% in profit!

    In fact, we don't even have a minimum requirement on how you should set the business up. You can set up your stall using minimal space - as small as 100 sq. ft, or even just two tables at a night market (pasar malam) if you don't have the capital for it yet. This saves on rent, labour, and utilities which will definitely cut down on your expenditure, but maximises your profitability. And since the products don't cost very much, your customers will be paying in cash instead of credit cards, which eliminates the credit card fees. That means even more profit for you!

  2. We do NOT restrict the items you can sell.
    Other franchise companies do not allow you to sell other items with their franchised items. You can only sell items from that company. With the Twist Potato business however, we do not restrict the items you can sell. You can combine the Twist Potato with other items - like hot dogs, fried bananas (goreng pisang), prawn crackers (keropok), drinks, or even your own specialty items!

  3. We allow you to come up with different strategies to promote your business.
    Different people have different ideas and different tastes. We are aware of this, and therefore we allow our agents to use different marketing strategies to appeal to their customers.

    We have a long list of different sauces to offer our clients... but you are free to experiment and come up with your own sauces. In fact, we encourage our agents to create their own sauces and to share their recipes with one another!

All we ask from our agents is good business practice, and that they maintain a clean and sanitized environment. We don't exercise inspections, but we highly advise our agents that any bad practice or unclean environment will affect their own businesses and is a severe disadvantage to them. All supplies and ingredients should be kept in appropriate places, and reusing frying oil for more than 2 days is prohibited. Besides being unhygienic, it also leads to a change in the appearance and taste of the Twist Potatoes.

So, if you are looking to start your own business, why not start a Twist Potato business? It's hassle-free with high profitability! For more information, please call Sam 019-668 1686 or Flora 019-663 1686.

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  1. Hey you put information better! This what I'm looking in other competitors.

    Really loved this approach. Thanks :)