Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our Twist Potato machines vs China potato machines

We have received several enquiries about our Twist Potato machines - where they come from, and why they cost so much? Our machines are made in Korea under strict quality control. There are many imitations out there which are made in China that cost a fraction of the price.

So why should you buy our machines instead of the cheaper alternatives? We are not saying that you shouldn't, especially if you are on a tight budget. But before you decide which machine to buy, read the following comparisons to help you make up your mind.
  1. China-made machines have exposed cutters, whereas our Korea-made Twist Potato machines have the cutters hidden
    The China-made machines have their cutters exposed. Why is this a bad thing? Well, for one, it is dangerous as someone can exactly get cut. Secondly, your potato is exposed to dust and the outside elements. Thirdly, the technology of your machine can be easily imitated by other competitors who may want to rival your business.

    So what about our Korea-made Twist Potato machines? Our machines have the cutters neatly hidden inside. There is no way you can get yourself cut on the cutters. Your potatoes are not exposed to any dust until you take them to be skewered. And our machines are patented, so no one can copy the technology of the machine. Hence, it is not easy to be copied and imitated by other competitors.

  2. China-made machines give you broken spirals; our Korea-made Twist Potato machines give you perfect spirals
    China-made machines have a tendency to break their spirals. When you turn the handles, the potato spirals keep breaking. That means you won't be able to get one long, perfect spiral to be skewered. You will end up getting long pieces of potato strands that you can't put on a skewer.

    Our Korea-made Twist Potato machines will give you perfect spirals every time. You never have to worry about wasting potatoes because as long as you use potatoes of the about right size. And with perfect spirals, it's so easy to twist them into shape on a skewer!

  3. China-made machines give you thin potato slices; our Korea-made Twist Potato machines give you potato spirals of the perfect thickness
    The potato machines from China cut potatoes into slices less than 2 mm thick... and that's too thin to be deep fried. They burn easily or turn black because they are just too thin! And even if they can be fried, they'll taste just like potato chips. And there are plenty of potato chips available everywhere - especially in convenience stores in airtight packs. So why should your customers buy them from you?

    Our Korea-made Twist Potato machines on the other hand cuts the potatoes into 2.5 mm thickness; and this is the perfect size for deep frying. They don't burn easily nor turn black. Plus, because the thickness is just right, your customers can savour the taste of real potatoes. Perfect!

  4. China-made machines have no warranty, whereas we give you 1 year's warranty on our Korea-made Twist Potato machines
    Plus, our machines have been sold internationally for more than 2 years, but the China-made machines are not even known in many countries.

    Our machines are heavy duty and won't break down easily. But there are no guarantees that the China-made machines can last as long as ours.

    Think about it carefully... are you given the guarantee that the China-made machines won't break down? If you have to keep repairing your machine or have to keep buying a new one every few months, is it cost-effective and really worth the inconvenience?

  5. Our Twist Potato machines have proven to be cost effective over the China-made machines
    So, based on the above, you can see why our machines are so much more cost-effective than the China-made machines. We give you value for money with the heavy duty, long-lasting machines with a 1-year warranty.

    And our machines will give you ZERO WASTAGE when cutting the potatoes, because you get perfect spirals that won't break easily! Unlike the China-made machines which will waste a lot of potatoes because the spirals keep breaking when cutting.

  6. We give you support every step of the way.
    When you buy the Twist Potato machines from us, we're here for you as your business partners. We will provide you advice and a business model which you can use to start up your business, and we have many secret recipes that we can share with you to make your customers keep coming back to you for more!

    Can the potato machines from China give you the same support?

So, think about it really carefully before you decide on the machine that you want to buy. All we can say is, please don't be "penny wise, pound foolish"... Invest in the right machine for your business, and place your trust in the right company. We're here for you!

For more information, please call Sam 019-668 1686 or Flora 019-663 1686.

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